How It Works

"Air Head" works simply. By separating liquids from solids the volume of solid human matter is significantly reduced and turned into non-offensive com- post. "Air Head's" unexpected capacity means that up to a season's worth of week- end use may be held before emptying. (Based on two persons' use twice every weekend for five months: 80 uses). A couple can expect 60 uses (one month of full time use).

Much like a household toilet, the "Air Head" has a bowl and a lever which provides a "flush". The main difference is the Air Head Toilet's waterless operation. A paper bowl liner acts as a carrier for solid matter on its way to the solids tank.

The solid matter is separated and agitated thereby decomposing it into a non-offensive state inside the large tank. Additionally, the unit has an integral 12 volt fan that provides a constant negative pressure to pull moisture out of the living space. In many cases a noticeable improvement in air quality will be perceived.

Liquids are collected in the smaller forward tank with wide mouthed aperture keeping the contents emptying smoothly into any standard commode. The liquid tank will hold approximately four days use per person if used exclusively.

For boats and RV's, the "Air Head" may be integrated with an existing holding tank system creating holding capacity for liquids far beyond what many mobile systems can offer. This is because the "Air Head" integrated holding tank takes on no flushing water and is free to hold just what it needs to.


A cure for the uninhabitable:

Makes any space formerly without plumbing more truly liveable. No more long wet or dark trips to a central bathroom or outhouse The unit will create no odors and continuously aerate the living space.

Economical problem solver:

Can augment that old or insufficient home septic system. Save thousands of dollars by not having to install a new septic tank. One "Air Head" unit will easily support two people full time.

No Odor:

Our system makes non-offensive smelling compost. Not contaminated by urine the solids quickly decompose without offensive odors, just like horse manure when it has dried.

Familiar design... what you are more used to:

Since the "Air Head" is more like a standard home toilet than any other composting toilet, a minimal amount of "potty training" for guests will be necessary. Minor details such as a real toilet seat and lid, "flush lever" location and toilet size, designed to mimic household toilets all contribute to maintaining familiar "personal tradition". The ultra efficient "Air Head" does not require users to climb up stairs for use. Whereas non diverting composting toilets have to be built large because they are inefficient, requiring extra bulking material to absorb excess liquid. "Air Head" is small yet effective.

No urine overflows:

Non-diverting composters often cannot keep up with the liquids that many guests produce. Since our system diverts the urine from the compost it can never be overwhelmed with liquid. Simply empty the urine bottle or hard plumb the urine to a French drain.

The most compact in the world:

The "Air Head" is a little smaller then the size of a standard home toilet. The ultra efficient composting chamber handles all of the waste directly beneath the toilet seat. The unit will fit in existing toilet space eliminating the need for remodeling. It will also fit in closets, basements, workshops... Anywhere.

Little to no power required:

The unit has a continuously-running 12 volt fan that draws .06 amp. A solar vent or small solar panel which would eliminate power draw - may be purchased separately. Or our 110 v (household current) adaptor.

Easy installation:

Drop in installation. Screw it to the floor and install vent and wire the fan. There's no need to modify the toilet area for installation of the Air Head Toilet.

Gentle on the Environment:

Our system works with nature - it uses no harmful chemical and conserves our valuable water resource.


No more smelly hose or tank:

In standard mobile installations flexible hoses are bound to smell over time due to gas permeability of these hoses. IN gravity systems, odors from the holding tank can enter into the living space. Our system makes and processes waste with no offensive odors and uses no permeable hoses. Combined with its active venting system, it simply will not smell up the the living area. How many mobile sanitation systems can make this claim? Don't just replace the hoses, replace the system - with an "Air Head".

Infrequent solids emptying:

The solids tank may hold enough solid matter for a summer season. This surprising ability to hold so much in so little space is due to the absence of additional liquids and the product's ability to break down the matter. For weekend use the "Air Head" will contain approximately 80 uses. Full time use 60 uses or two people for 1 month.

Simple means fewer breakdowns:

When rubber parts in standard mobile heads break due to wear, the unit has to be taken apart, exposing you to contamination as a result of passed sewage—not a pleasant experience. The "Air Head" is predictable and reliable and it uses no moving rubber parts. With so many complex systems of your boat, it's refreshing to have one less thing to worry about. Save the rocket science for the radar.

Peace of Mind:

The Air-Head is self-contained. Everything happens directly beneath the toilet seat. There is a certain peace of mind that goes with not having 20 odd gallons of waste sloshing around in a holding tank under your bed as you try to sleep! For boaters, no thru-hulls... no holes in your boat!

Easier to Purchase:

Confused about the myriad of parts? Valves, pumps, hoses, clamps, toilet, tank, vent ports, etc. are necessary for installation of a holding tank. The "Air Head" is a complete all-in-one unit for much less than the cost of a holding tank system. Backed by ONE manufacturer.

How it works chart

1. Liquids, (red arrow), are diverted to liquid tank
2. Solids find paper carrier,while liquids go their way
3. Solids and carrier drop into large tank


Airhead base in grass with flowers




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